CSID Information

Your CSID is your access to all Dalhousie Faculty of Computer Science services. Care should be taken to protect, and regularly update, your password.

Account Security Policy

  • Accounts are locked after 5 failed attempts (from any DalFCS system) and there is no time limit between the failed attempts.
  • The last five account passwords cannot be reused.
  • Single quotation marks and double quotations marks, i.e. ' and ", cannot be used in your password.

Contact the DalFCS Helpdesk at cshelp@cs.dal.ca for additional assistance.

CSID Account Status

Look up your username and check on the status of your account such as active, locked, archived, etc.

CSID Password Change

Change your password here (requires knowing your current password).

CSID Password Reset Request

If you do not know your password, submit your CSID here and an email will be sent to you with instructions on resetting your password.

(BETA  functionality - please report issues to cshelp@cs.dal.ca)

CSID Account Unlock Request